Creating better memories

Our work for Trafalgar, the international guided holiday company, is a great example of how we're helping a client tackle 'the new rules of engagement'. Before making a travel decision the modern holidaymaker will commit hours of research time to see what other people say about a holiday destination. So for Trafalgar it's less important what they say about themselves and far more important what their guests say about them.

With rapidly changing behaviour in how people research and book, we're helping the brand move from a traditional printed brochure ethos, to an 'always on' digital red carpet. We launched a new socially proofed and fully responsive website for the September 2014 season. At the same time an integrated ad campaign is allowing the organisation to step out of the products and services arms race, and own a much bigger and more emotional territory: promising the creation of 'better memories'. Why else do we travel?

"I can honestly say that the way Aqueduct took charge of launching our new website, against a very demanding deadline, was an absolutely stand out performance. They understood our brand and moved it great leaps forward in both digital and traditional brand channels".
Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar CEO

After a Trafalgar holiday your feet might be firmly planted back at home in Michigan, but we want your heart to remain in Rome, or wherever else Trafalgar took you.

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