Ministry of Sound

Amping up from SE1 to WWW...

At some point in our musical education we all encounter The Ministry of Sound. What started out as a pioneering EDM club (that's electronic dance music to you and me) in an inhospitable postcode of London has become a global super brand.

Every night of the year club nights around the world are licenced to carry the Ministry brand, and EDM fans from Kabul to Kansas listen in on their online radio. But Ministry faced a challenge. How could they create a digital estate that underpins both their ability to create content and the fans appetite for new music? And how to reach out to an ever growing international audience?

We like to think that we developed not just a fully device responsive website, but a digital club, where their editors can now create flexible content that surfaces in the appropriate mood for the time of day, and in the region where people are dancing.

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