Co-creation pays dividends to Gaydar


Our 'co-creation' approach is designed to increase speed to market, reduce external Agency fees and establish ways of working that benefits our clients long after we've stepped back. This was our approach for Gaydar who asked Aqueduct to inject energy, embed Agile ways of working and add specialist skills to their team. Together we created a co-located client/agency design and development team.

Focussing on the velocity of the combined team and quality of the collaborative output, we worked using Scrum with no-estimate and tracked the stories we delivered. This contemporary approach allowed us to focus our time on product development, problem solving and achieving the greatest possible outcome from the fixed team and time available.

We co-located everyone at our offices in London and held daily stand-up meetings to highlight our progress and blockers from each team-member. We then prioritised daily goals to maximise the team's on-going output. This, coupled with the live tracking of functional stories (in development, completed or ready to QA) enabled us to track the 'Velocity' of the team whilst constantly looking for ways to optimise the our performance at every step of the way.

Working collaboratively and transparently really helped the Gaydar management team keep the Gaydar Board updated regularly on our combined progress; how their budget was being spent and when features were expected to be delivered.

This process was led by an Aqueduct project lead but we gradually handed over the reigns to the internal Project Manager. During the transition we supported the Gaydar team to set up and fully embed the ways of working internally going forward - This is very much part of our belief that a successful project is one that leaves clients fully skilled-up and able to keep their momentum after we've 'done our bit'.

The resulting testimony from Gaydar's CEO speaks to the success of the initiative:

'Aqueduct are specialists in what they do. They are open, collaborative, and experts in both Agile ways of working and in the skills they bring to the table for design and development. We recently co-located and co-resourced together to bring energy, focus and additional skills to our internal team. The combined team achieved a huge amount in the 3-month window and believe it was money well spent. We look forward to a further collaboration down the line and I have no hesitation in giving the team my highest praise.'

- Anthony Robinson - CEO of CPC Connect Ltd (Owner of Gaydar dating and social platforms)

Aqueduct's co-creation products span the collaborative kick-starting of new service ideas through to effective ways to execute and optimise your digital offer. To know more about how can help, get in touch:

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