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The Future of Retail
The Future of Retail
There is a lot of talk about the future of retail and how mobile is key to influencing purchases in store. However, a retailer mobile app is not necessarily the answer as only 8% of customers use retailer's app versus 55% using other means on mobile.
What is important is finding how to best help customers make a decision, and quick. Innovation in retail can be achieved by using an 'old' technology, with some retailers trialing the use of RFID to power in-store applications. The aim being to help customers with their purchases and cross sell them other items.
World Fintech Report
World Fintech Report 2017
Very interesting report worth the long read.
Our main take outs are:
  • Traditional firms are closing the gap and investing in internal skills
  • Mobile is critical for success
  • For younger generations good UX equals trustworthy brand
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The Physical Web
Google Launches The Physical Web
The Internet allows any compatible device to view and consume content online. What if could we communicate with physical objects through our mobile devices in a standardised way and give us information we need; be it a parking meter or a monument?
This is what Google has started doing with the physical web project, they are defining a standard that will allow interactivity between mobiles and physical objects natively i.e. without the need to install a myriad of apps or QR code readers.
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Airline Industry
Mobile Reality Check for the Airline Industry
The airline industry needs to catch up, and quick, currently up to 40% of airlines do not have a good enough mobile experience.
Rather than go mobile first isn't there a case for going even further; mobile native?
Ben Evans argues that looking at current trends and emerging economies the PC had its day. Certainly food for thought.
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Man City Fire TV App
Manchester City Launches Amazon Fire TV App
Another first for football clubs from Manchester City, this time adapting to their fans changing viewing habits and releasing an Amazon Fire TV app.
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, fans are viewing sport differently and increasingly on digital platforms, in a bite size format rather than live broadcast.
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138 Copeland road
Immersive Theatre, the Non Digital VR?
Whilst VR and AI are gaining momentum we love the idea that technology can enhance traditional entertainment.
We love 139 Copeland Road, an immersive theatre production where you take part in trying to solve a murder that happened in 1974. Hurry up though, it's only on until the end of the month!
This video of a world record of simultaneous flying drones shows what digital fireworks would look like in the future.
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