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Travel Brands are Capturing Millennial Interest on Mobile
How Travel Brands are Capturing Millennial Interest on Mobile
46% of millennials are planning trips abroad on their mobile devices during what Google calls 'micro-moments', these moments open up vast opportunities for brands to upsell during travel and encourage social advocacy.
At Aqueduct we have developed a model to analyse current customer engagement and identify opportunities for improvement, we call this REAP, contact us to know more.
Microsoft Launches Surface Studio
Microsoft Launches Surface Studio
Microsoft launched a high end, high spec device targeting professional. Beautifully designed, even the product web pages are more polished than usual, a la Apple.
Could it be that Microsoft is becoming the new Apple and Apple the new old Microsoft?
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Facebook Bot With Attitude
NHL Team Has a Facebook Bot With Attitude
Nice bot idea from The Capitals, a clever way to handle the importance of 'now' with today's audience but without the need for increased staffing. We like the way the bot's humorous responses help defuse abusive or negative messages.
Will AI slowly replace basic customer service? We think so.
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The Role of Sports Websites
Fans Want More From Their Club's Website
The role of sports websites is changing rapidly; fans don't follow one team anymore, they often stream online rather than watch live TV, and tend not to consume sports news from their club's website.
We agree with our friends at Seven League that sports clubs need to evolve their online offering from a news only perspective to producing more entertaining content for the fans.
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Kobe Bryant
What Can Businesses Learn From Team Sports
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant credits techniques learnt from playing team sports with helping his success as a venture capitalist.
At Aqueduct we spend time building the right teams with our clients and using agile methodologies to deal with rapid change, foster learning and increase productivity to ensure competitive advantage.
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Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications: the Next Evolution of Messaging
This post by Ably is very relevant in a world of notification noise and bloated app stores. Notifications need to evolve to increase conversion rates and become a worthy marketing channel that can compete with email.
However, much like eCRM, smart notifications will require a CRM strategy to power their 'intelligence' and if they do they will have a massive advantage over email with geo fencing, and context driven capabilities.
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Qualitative Cost of Delay
The True Cost of Indecision
Each delay in releasing a product or feature has a cost to any business, but how do you quantify the cost of delay to help you plan better? This article explains simply how to classify and prioritise features and releases based on their urgency and business value.
We help our clients with similar prioritisation techniques, as well as using user story mapping to ensure the highest business value is delivered with every release.
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